12 Fridays

–Don’t find yourself caught in the equivalent of a raucous recruitment Black Friday sale–
Whether you agree with the marketing or not, we are all waiting for–if you haven’t seen it already– the Christmas campaigns on the high street or on the TV.
My moment came after school last week when my son (age 6) ran up to me and said in a high pitched, excited voice:
“Daddy! It’s only 12 Fridays until Christmas!!!”
Boom! There it was, the opening salvo in the Christmas countdown.
I sat down later in the evening, and I thought about it again–12 Fridays until Christmas. I thought through the plan to bring everything together this year with time to spare; the presents, the food, the drinks, everything. And, this year, promised myself…
I’ll get everything done beforehand.
This year, I want to enjoy the lead up to Christmas instead of engaging in the usual frantic countdown. No rushing from place to place trying to find the popular items, no long queues while waiting to purchase what I want, no compromising.
You might think this isn’t a business appropriate blog, and I would normally agree—unless, of course, you are looking to grow your business or even hold at the same headcount moving into 2018. If you are, then the above has a lot of parity to your business.
The Rush – as you busily try to get your recruitment plans in place
The Queues – going up against everyone else, also looking for those high demand skill sets
The Compromising – as you can’t get the candidate you want and have to settle
So here is a thought, why not start now?
We are quickly approaching the busiest time of the recruitment year and, as with Christmas, the closer we get to the end of the year the harder it will be to find what you need.
There are always 100 other things that need your attention, but time invested now could well see you securing the best options well before the competition as well as saving you time and money and, of course, removing the last-minute stress.
If you take it that most candidates will be on a 1-month notice period then the below should give you an idea of the timeline you will need to consider for your new hires.
 Interview                Offer                    Start
WC 9th—23rd Oct WC 30th Oct—4th Nov WC 4th or 11th Dec
WC 6th—27th Nov WC 4th—18th Dec WC 8th—29th Jan

These are guidelines, however, if you have a particular need why not give us a ring for specialist advice on your recruitment strategy.