Every day we hear from social commentators that the UK is in growth, GDP is growing and unemployment is down.

The REC (Recruitment & Employment Confederation) tells us that 80% of employers in the UK will be looking to increase staffing levels in the next 3 months, and that 96% of companies have no capacity for additional work. What business wouldn’t want to take advantage of this buoyant economy by securing great staff to develop and grow?money-163502_1280

The issue, as always, is how to attract the right staff in this growing market, you might be offering a great package but have you actually thought about why the best candidates might want to join your company?

The truth is even if the package is ‘market leading’ if the brand is not exciting they probably won’t want to join. Your brand, your vision and your reputation in your market are arguably more important than the package you offer.

In every part of the world we live today brand identity is paramount, we are bombarded with marketing on a daily basis through both direct and subliminal messaging, and we have to accept that this influences our decision making process. This is even more so when it comes to millennials and the younger generation who are social media natives, they want to work for exciting, well known brands who are as active on social media as they are. Ask a group of aspiring journalists where they’d like to work and many of them will say ‘Buzzfeed’ – not because they offer a market leading wage but because it’s a brand well known for breaking the mould of traditional journalism, it’s seen as exciting and progressive.

If we do not accept that a candidate’s decision making process is influenced by brand, and should therefore be of high importance in a recruitment strategy, then you will miss out to your competitors who do take it seriously.

Top tips for making your business brand attractive to candidates:

Think about who you want to attract – if it’s in the tech sector or younger people make sure your brand has a presence where they are e.g. Instagram or Facebook.

Have you checked your company on Glassdoor? Glassdoor is a site where current & former employees can review their experience with you – if your brand isn’t there maybe ask some of your current employees to post reviews to get yourself a presence.

Ask your own staff what they think of the company and take their feedback on board – you’d be surprised at the power of word of mouth if your staff enjoy working with you, especially when it comes to social media.

How well are you known in your own industry? Do you regularly attend/sponsor events? Make sure your own industry is aware of your presence.

What do you think? Is brand arguably becoming more important than the package offered or will the bottom line always come down to money?