At Rytons we have many years of experience in the Construction, Project Management, Residential, Social Housing and Surveying Consultancy sectors and the huge variety of construction jobs that exist within them.

Often when it comes to building site jobs, people may only think of brick layers and carpenters, or the housebuilding industry as a whole. However, there are so many different skills required to make up a construction team, from your unskilled labourer all the way through to the white collar construction jobs such as engineering.

Each role is a vital part of the process and fundamental to construction, no matter whether it’s a home, school, skyscraper, bridge or dam that’s being built.

Over our time as a construction recruitment agency we have successfully recruited people for all manner of positions that go from the roots of the tree all the way up to Board Director level.

If you’re interested in a career in construction, there are lots of paths you can take to be a part of it, as the industry is incredibly diverse. Here are just a few, starting from the ones which can be taken on straight out of school, to those which can be learned on site, construction manager jobs and the graduate level construction careers:

Labourers: These are the guys and girls who often do a lot of the graft and help out the more skilled workers. They may be learning a trade on site and are responsible for things such as site cleanliness, moving heavy stuff about and mixing cement.

Construction trade: The kind of workers most people would imagine to see on a construction site, such as a bricklayer, carpenter, glazier, joiner, plumber, or scaffolder. All are industries which are crying out for more people, especially when it comes to construction jobs in London for example, as the city tries to tackle the housing crisis.

Demolition: While not as complicated as construction, there is so much more skill involved than just knocking down solid structures. Demolition workers have to be particularly careful regarding safety and the correct use of the dynamite.

Construction management: The role which oversees construction projects and supervises the construction team – work includes delegating jobs and maintaining schedules.

Excavation managers: Another managerial role which oversees the use of heavy industrial equipment such as bulldozers, forklifts, and cranes. They also have to ensure the safety of their team.

Quantity Surveyors: The people responsible for helping a construction project turn a profit – they look at whether the figures will add up.

Engineering: One of the fields which requires a university level of education as it is one of the most highly skilled construction careers. Work includes drawing plans for the structure of buildings and overseeing their construction.

When we are looking for people to place in roles within construction, we always look for the perfect fit between client and candidate.

Putting the right kind of person with the sort of organization in which they will be able to thrive is one of our key priorities. We do this by being able to stay tuned in to what both our candidates and our clients need.

If you would like to find out more about working in the construction industry, please feel free to get in touch with us today to discuss your business or career needs.