When you’re looking to recruit the right person for your construction business, it’s got to be about so much more than their credentials ticking the right boxes and whether they have the levels of experience needed for the role. It’s always good to ensure that an individual will also be a good cultural fit for your organisation, have a similar ethos and values and that they will work well with the team already in place.
It goes without saying that when you pick a recruitment agency to help you find that perfect person, you’ll want to use one which you can rely on. One which will take more than just a ‘what’s on paper’, one dimensional approach to recruitment and know exactly where to look for the right people and how to find them.
At Rytons we want to offer reassurance to our clients that when it comes to recruiting, we will find the best there is out there for your organisation. So that is why we make these promises to you.

1. Getting to know you:

We will take the time to get to know you and your team, so that we can deliver the right individual to fit the role, team and culture.

Every company is different and every individual is different too. They may have all the right credentials on paper, but what are they really like? A happy, productive team is one which works well together and personality counts a lot, so we will take the time to fully get to know what your team dynamics and company’s character are like and discover whether the candidate will fit in well.

2. Preparation:

All candidates will be fully prepped on the role, prior to introduction.

There’s no point wasting your time by sending you people who aren’t prepared for the role. By getting our candidates fully prepped before you meet them, we can ensure that you will not only have someone who will fit, but someone who you’re likely to want to hold on to for some time.

3. Introduction process:

We will only submit fully qualified relevant candidates. Because, it isn’t about high volume for us and, again, the last thing we want to do is waste your time. Before we send them your way, we’ll make sure your candidates have every quality you are looking for.

4. Quality Control / Referencing:

If requested, at offer stage we will provide two detailed written references. We know that opinions matter and it always helps to have a good solid reference when taking on new members of staff. This is our reassurance to you.

5. Aftercare:

Our commitment to client satisfaction doesn’t end once we find the right person for the role. To assist with the on-boarding process we will keep in touch with you and the candidate at regular intervals throughout the first three months.

6. Non poaching policy:

It’s always good to know that a company is honest, discreet and reliable when you have employed it to find you candidates, especially for a senior role. That is why we will provide you with a written promise that while we maintain a working relationship with you, we will not actively approach your team.

If you would like to find out more about the way we work, or need to find the perfect person to fit all manner of construction jobs, then you can get in touch with us today to find out more.